Why are services durations limited to 24*time base

I set time base in General settings to 15 minutes.

If I create Services I get only selectable durations from 15 to 360 minutes. I need 780 minutes and more.

I found the corresponding php code in appointments.php line 7376 (function add_service):

$k_max = apply_filters( 'app_selectable_durations', min( 24, (int)(1440/$min_time) ) );

and changed it to:

$k_max = apply_filters( 'app_selectable_durations', (int)(1440/$min_time) );

as suggested by S H Mohanjith in the ‘Plugins and Code’ chat.

Can you please clarify the limitation to 24 for $k_max and maybe update the code so I don’t run into problems on the next update?

Thank you for your help!