Why Are Unregistered or Unlogged in Users Directed to an Error Page?

Hello Folks,

I have just purchased Classifieds. I think it is a great product, but I am having some issues figuring out how it works.

First of all, when an unregistered user, or even a registered user who is not logged in, clicks on "My Classifieds" or on "Classifieds Checkout" in the menu, s/he is directed to an error page. I find that weird. S/he should be directed to the Register/Log In page.

I tried several things to solve it, but did not succeed. If you try to access this page http://www.arisnelmesidor.org/free-resources/koneksyon/members-2/admin/classifieds/my-classifieds/active/ without logged, you will see what I am talking about. Or, if this does not work, simply go to http://www.arisnelmesidor.org and try to access the "My Classifieds" or the "Classifieds Checkout" page under "Buy and Sell."

Please have a look at the entire "Buy and Sell" section and advise or fix. I really don't know how the Register/Log in functions work with Classifieds.

Staff access has been granted, but in case it does not work, I have also sent an email.

Thanks a lot for your assistance,