Why aren't events showing i n the Calendar Widget?

I have just amended dates for some of our courses


On the page we have courses starting on 17 March - so why does the widget calendar list ignore that course and only list the one from the NEXT date on 18 March.
Surely they should be in date order.

I will open support access for someone to look at please.


  • Karen

    Further info....


    If you look on this page you will see the Grammar & Punctuation series of four is on 17th March (two workshops) and 24 March (two workshops).

    It is now - since I changed the dates of the first 2 workshops (which were on 3 March and changed to 17 March) - using the LATTER dates to list it in WRONG DATE ORDER.

    Can this PLEASE BE FIXED.

    There is NO POINT listing it on 24 as HALF THE COURSE IS OVER by then.

    Could you also (developer) look at this issue - I am hoping that isn't affecting any dates moves I make to courses..but it looks like it is.

    BUG - Needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Thank you.

  • Karen


    I had to fix it myself as I can't wait for the answer (so you may not have seen it on my site as I have to keep going.)

    You can replicate the bug if you create a multi-part event say as I did 3 March (am and pm workshops) and 24 March (two workshops - am and pm).

    ..AND you also need to have surrounding events so you can see where it lists it in the date order. (Just listing the multi-part event itself and changing the date won't show you what is happeing IN RELATION to the date order if you don't have other surrounding events.

    To replicate

    1. Add a heap of events around the event. (As noted you need a list of other events around that - so you can compare where it appears in the date order before, during and after you make the date changes to the multi-part event..)
    2. Create a multi-part event on 3 March (2 workshops - am and pm and same for 24 March.
    3.then just change the date of the FIRST one from 3 March to 17 March.

    You will find that AFTER changing the first TWO workshops from 3 March to 17 March, the system will still list it as if the first two events are on the 24th NOT the 17th. (It lists it in date order at 24 March NOT 17 March)

    PS You need other events around it - if you just test it alone it won't show you that it lists it in date order at 3 March to start with THEN 24 March (INSTEAD of 17 March).

    ONLY if you THEN amend 24 March to another date and BACK to 24 March will the system THEN CORRECTLY put it in the date order of the series at 17 March - the new starting date.

    It is like the 24th is STUCK in its memory. Unless you change it as well (and it didn't need to be changed) it doesn't recognise the first date change for the first 2 workshops.


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