Why backups are important

Gotta love folks who blame their host for their oversight:


Have you made a backup recently? :slight_smile:

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    We do a near complete server backup one day and individual account backups on the off day. And then rotate the racks so that 1,3, and 5 do that in one order and 2 and 4 do the reverse.

    Our problem is that the XServes sit in the bottom U of our racks. (Although they do sit in other racks. The backups for 1 are in 2 and 3. The backups for 2 and in 3 and 4, etc.)

    We need to move them offsite someday. We were going to do that when we got the server cage but that’s been delayed for the time being.

    To make this kind of wordpress-ish, one of the things we do is put the install files in one hosting account, the mysql databases in another, and the uploads in a third. That way the backups are more manageable. Also if you ever bump yourself up to multiple servers, it;s already divided up for you. :slight_smile:

    Oh and one of my clients sent me this link about poor site validation. Hope no one here has a site that bad. :whistle:

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