Why can I not access to configure Settings in Events?

Dear Support

I installed the Events+ plugin, than after that I click on getting started, there it tells me that I need to configure the Settings.

So I do that, however whenever I click on configure settings, it loads and just shows me a blank page, no settings to see to configure, why is that and how can that be fixed?

I attached for you the Screenshot for you to see what I see after I click on configure settings.


Dario Cucci

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Dario,

    This sounds like it's mostly likely a plugin or theme conflict, can you try deactivating all other plugins temporarily and seeing if then the settings page loads properly?

    If it still doesn't work you can temporarily swap to the default 2015 theme and see if that resolves it.

    Once we know the conflict then we can work out a solution for you :slight_smile:

    Look forward to hearing back! If it still doesn't work after both those troubleshooting methods, let us know.

    Talk to you soon.

    All the best,

  • Dario Cucci

    Hi Tyler

    I have a professional Business Website, I can not afford to switch themes and turn off all the plugins to see which one it may or may not be that causes the problem.

    Because I use my Business Website Daily for my Business, not a good suggestion on your part.

    So I have to choose to not use the plugin and deleted it.

    Its a shame that the premium plugins you have available have issues like that and that you can not give me a specific solution to resolve it without trial and error.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey there Dario,

    Sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, conflicts are bound to happen in WordPress with so many different plugins and themes out there from different developers, it's very difficult to know where the conflict is coming from without some troubleshooting. Generally, the tests I mentioned above is the fastest way to find out or at least rule out a lot of possibilities quickly so we can narrow it down asap.

    If you're unfamiliar with deactivating plugins through FTP, then that is a very fast way to do so. It will do a "soft deactivation" - so if you re-name the "plugins" folder, that will soft-deactivate all plugins and then create a new "plugins" folder and add only the Events+ plugin into it. Then it will be the only plugin active and when you want to re-activate the rest, you simply add them all into the "plugins" folder again and they will be all activated same as before :slight_smile:

    If you would like I can do that for you. Usually takes around 5 minutes to check once you get started. With that said, it is best to do debugging like this on your staging site so you avoid any changes on the live site until you know a solution, so if possible - access to a staging site would be preferred.

    I'm more than happy to take a look without deactivating any plugins or themes too, but I can't guarantee we will be able to see what the issue is that way. It could be due to a Js conflict, which may help narrow down the conflict. Or it may be server related.

    Anyways, if you are interested, I'm happy to still help out with this - including the troubleshooting too. Just let me know.

    Look forward to hearing back and enjoy the rest of your day.


    PS. All plugin/theme settings should be saved in your database and unless some of your plugins clear those tables on deactivation(which would be very rare) your settings will remain intact :slight_smile: - although again, backups and a staging site are always a good idea to avoid live site issues.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey, Dario,

    I've just reviewed this ticket based on your feedback and rating of Tyler. This method of debugging is actually pretty standard, it really should be done before opening up a support ticket, and will help us narrow down the issue for you. Even WordPress.org recommend this to narrow down the issue:


    If you're using a custom WordPress Theme, try using one of the default WordPress Themes to see if your issue is Theme related. If it is, contact the Theme developer for assistance.

    Deactivate all your Plugins to ensure they're not causing the problem. Reactivate the problematic one. If it works, there maybe a conflict. Activate the others one-by-one and test the site to see if the problem ceases or returns, which may indicate the conflicting Plugin.

    I'd also advise that you don't install, update, or edit a live production website without first testing it in a staging area, and then moving it from the staging to live. Anything could go wrong, it's simply not worth the risk, especially if you depend on your website as a revenue source. And of course, backups, keep plenty of them.

    We offer a flowchart here for debugging:


    WordPress has many, many thousands of lines of code. Adding in more plugins and themes increases that dramatically, it also massively increases the risk of code conflicts. It's impossible for us to test with absolutely everything our there, but when things go wrong, we'll happily try to assist like Tyler is here.

    If you want us to take a look, just let Tyler know. :slight_smile:

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

  • Dario Cucci

    Hi Timonthy

    Even if it is standard it is not something that I am comfortable doing at this point, this Website with the Theme has been Customized for my Business and it took me a lot of Time, Stress, Money and Nerves to get it now functional to the point of it being able to do what it is supposed to be doing.

    I am not willing to risk everything just because of an Error that occurs in the Event Plugin because of another Plugin that might or might not interfere with it.

    I am disappointed that with Technical Support there is no easier way to figure it all out without me having to deactivate all the Plugins, change the Theme to than find out where the Problem is.

    And when things go wrong so far whenver I made a Ticket the Support was not helpful at all, I had to hire a Developer to assist me with Appointment+ because your Support was not capable of helping me with it and it took 7 Days to resolve it.

    Tyler did mention he be happy to assist me in doing this but I got to say that I am scared that when we go about it and you do anything with the setup of the plugins that I currently use or the Theme that it will turn out to become a big mess that will cost me another $500 to $1000 or more to fix and I don't want that.

    Unless you can guarantee me that this won't be the Case I won't be willing to risk it, had enough trouble with the Website to get it where it is now to mess with it.

    Most likely I will go with a third party Provider for Events and Online Bookings because the Plugins so far including Appointment+ have not met my Expectations.


    Dario Cucci

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey Dario,

    Thanks for reviewing my post, I'm sorry you can't accept my explanation on how to debug an issue. Without disabling other plugins to narrow the issue down, the other option is directly debugging the code and that can cause disruptions until you find the root issue.

    If we can't debug, we can't figure it out. Trust me, I'd love if we could psychically connect with code and understand the issue right away, it would make our life a lot easier. As that's not possible, we have to use tried and tested ways. This includes quick conflict tests, enabling WP_DEBUG, etc.

    Just like when your car stops working, and there is no error or telltale sign, the mechanic needs to look under the hood, test it, figure out where the fault is and what it is. He can't just look at it and know the instant solution. Some issues give more clues, others, they don't.

    I'm not telling you any of this to be awkward, that would serve no purpose except to frustrate us both, I'm telling you this because it's the truth. And if you want us to fix this, we need to debug the issue.

    Of course, using another plugin may well work, it's not a replica of our code and so most probably doesn't contain the same conflict. But it might also have other unique conflicts, and that might also require further debugging too. This is code development, it happens with operating systems, it happens with other CMS based systems, it happens with stuff in the real world too, and to fix the issue, it needs to be debugged.

    As mentioned before, you shouldn't be doing this stuff on a live production website, especially not if you're worried about your site going down. You should have a sandbox installation, a staging area. This is where any change should be tested first before it goes live. If there is an issue it is then debugged there.

    We'll be more than happy to take a look at your site, but first, you should replicate that to a staging area. We'll fix the issue there for you there, I think that's the safest and fairest thing to do.

    I'll leave you in Tyler's very capable hands, just let him know once your staging area is set up, and he will provide you with a way to send in those credentials.

    Have a great day.

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