Why can't I edit my text in a post?


I made a new post.
The initial post image had the container problem I am always having with Upfront.
The container wants to be a short wide rectangle. I want a photograph shaped container.

So put the photo I wanted in twice.
1) title the Post
2) a partial view of the photo at the top of the post.
3) clicked the little "image+" symbol and put the full picture in.
4) dragged over a text box and entered the post

Had dinner. Now I want to change the wording of the post.
Upfront-Customize-post- edit
The title, and two images are editable- the text below is faded out and inaccessible.

I went to the backend-- the non-Upfront- edit page.
There only the full size picture shows
There is no evidence of the text or partial picture.

How do I get access to the text in the post?
And again, still- is it me?
Am I the only person having this many problems?
Do I need to rewire my brain, what's up?
Is Upfront still super buggy?

Thanks for your help,