Why can't I revert to an earlier version of my home page?

Hi. I was actually trying to install WPMU DEV Dashboard onto my website, and it wasn't working initially. So, I tried using File Manager on my host server to upload it file by file. I think in the process, some critical files must have gotten overwritten, because the next time I opened my home page, everything I had created (an intro page, an opt-in form, some graphics, etc.) was gone. When I looked on the the "previous versions" link, I found that all the coding for the earlier version was still there. However, when I hit the "revert to this version," nothing happened. Instead, my home page is still the default Word Press blog home page.

Also, when I try to update WPMU Dashboard to the 5.1 version, I get an "internal server error" message. Again, could this be related to the possible overwriting of files while I was trying to upload WPMU DEV Dashboard files? If so, how do I trouble shoot?

Thanks so much for your help! I have granted access, and hope someone can help me solve this puzzle soon.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Skydancer!

    Okay, when you uploaded the dashboard plugin, you should have uploaded the whole folder from the .zip file to your wp-content/plugins/ directory. Does this sound familiar? Did you do something different when you uploaded the files?

    It sounds as though you may have put those files in the wrong place. Without FTP access (which it sounds like you don't use if you only move files with File Manager) it would be hard for me to guess where you may have placed these files incorrectly.

    What you'll need to do is search through your File Manager and look for any of the files you uploaded while trying to install the dashboard, and remove them all one by one. You can download a fresh copy of the plugin from the plugin page to compare.

    If you were asked to overwrite any files while you added the dashboard plugin, I'm pretty sure they were loaded to the wrong directory. If you didn't previously have it installed, than the files it asked you to overwrite belonged to another plugin entirely.

    In the future, it may be worth using FTP to access your site's files, rather than File Manager. It's much simpler to manage, so you'll be unlikely to face the challenges you're facing now in the future.

    Thanks, Skydancer. Good luck!

  • Skydancer

    Thanks so much. I don't see any specific files that have been overwritten. I was not able to upload the file initially through WP, which is why I ended up using File Manager to try to upload it file by file. Definitely a mistake.

    It looks like what I'll have to do is pay my web host to restore my files back to the point prior to my trying to install WPMU DEV. They said they'd charge $75 for that. *sigh* What an expensive newbie mistake.

    I hope I can reinstall WPMU Dashboard once they revert to an earlier version of my files.

    Thanks for your speedy response!

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