Why can't I see installed Plugins in network sites?

Hello again - Happy New Year...
Some confusion here - I have a whole bunch of plugins installed on my network (some are WPMUDev ones, others are standard WP ones akismet, jetpack, social etc; yet others are purchased plugins);

My confusion stems from the fact that:
1. I can't see any of the plugins on my subsites, and,
2. I can't control, use settings etc in subsites.

What am I missing and how do I INDIVIDUALLY change settings in each subsite.

FYI - the main site is http://www.abcofsuccess.com with subsites like selfhelp.abcofsuccess.com and podcasts.abcofsuccess.com etc;

Problem is, I can't see the plugins in ABCofSUCCESS.com either!

Many thanks in advance

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Harry!

    This is an easy fix. Go to your network admin dashboard, and go to Settings > Network Settings. Scroll to the bottom of this list of settings, and you'll see an option to allow subsite admins to manage plugins. Tick that box and save your settings.

    Now, for any plugin you want to install on a site-by-site basis, make sure it's NOT Network Activated. Network activating a plugin will make it available on all sites in your network.

    Note: There are a handful of plugins that are required to be network activated to work properly, but the majority of multisite-friendly plugins will work with or without network activation.

    Hope this makes using plugins in multisite a little clearer, Harry!

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