Why can't WPMUdev make the multi-user plugins available for single installs?

Yes, I am cracking a huge whinge here. I am frustrated as I can't get ahead due to hosting capabilities and also what appears to be plugin clashes.

I get very frustrated when I see plugins that are only for MU sites. Why can't there be single install versions of the same plugins? My host just informed me they don't allow MU's so i have to do single installs ... JustHost by the way ...

This one says it can be used with a single install https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/multi-domains but when you look at the top is says ...

Multi-DomainsEasily allow users to create new sites (blogs) at multiple different domains - using one install of WordPress Multisite you can support blogs at name.domain1.com, name.domain2.com etc. etc.

So, "confused I am" said with Yoda-style voice!

https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/batch-create This looks great, but apparently I can't use it as i have to do single installs ... and I don't think subdomains count.

https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/members-directory Why can't the Members' Directory go on a single install?

https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/simple-ads Your own little classifieds would be great BUT for one minor detail ... MU again! If you have Buddypress on your single install, can we add this plugin to that or will it be incompatible with because it is not a MU based site with the Buddypress?

Then there is https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/supporter-advertising Why is it that single installs can't have an easier time monetising their site?

Yet another ... https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/global-footer-content Hmmmph!

https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/upgrades This would be great for one of my sites which will have a paid for gig guide eventually. I could sell blocks of adverts ... but I can't. Guess why?

Now I am getting frustrated and held back a bit guys (and girls ... sorry Sue) https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/additional-tags

  • Aphrodite

    Well all you mentions exists outthere, here they are specialized in multisite enhancement !!

    Simpleads can work (its not a classifieds plugin )

    Upgrade and supporter are DEDICATED to multisite, since they allow functions for blog admins.

    To put ads on buddypress single install there many plugins ! buddypress ads is one of them.

    Additional tags will work fine but you dont really need it since on a single install if you are the admin the additional tags are not filtered.

    Member directory well same thing it is dedicated to multisite, because singl site directory already exists http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/members-list/


  • Philip John


    Those suggestions from aphrodite are well worth checking out, for a start.

    Most of our plugins are focused on Multisite because that's kinda what we aim to cater for - hence the WPMU in our name :wink:

    There have been some requests for MS only plugins to be available for single site too and when we find enough support for such a feature we'll of course look into that.

    With some plugins, it's just not feasible and so will never happen.

    Thanks for flagging up the multi-domains one - I believe that is a mistake so I'll get that fixed up.


  • Jonathan

    Depends on if you are going for shared, vps, or dedicated.
    If you are going to run wordpress MU, I would suggest staying clear from shared - you will hit a bottleneck sooner than you think - and they will nudge you to upgrade to their vps/dedicated which aren't very good.

    I have been with most, and last year started moving all my sites over to vps.net - and I have been very pleased with them. Linode.com is also great.

    If you compare the pricing plans, they are not much more than your shared hosting (1node), but the great thing is you can increase your resources as you grow.

    Well, that's my 2c


  • GNM

    Still learning about different web hosts ;op

    Media Temple ... what do all these mean?
    Web Hosting
    (gs) Grid-Service
    (dv) Dedicated-Virtual
    (ve) Server
    (dpv) Nitro
    (cx) Complex-Hosting

    VPS.net ... what do all these mean?
    Cloud hosting
    VPS Cloud Server

    I need unlimited bandwidth.

    I was looking at Buddypress for the social network but am afraid the single site install will hinder the Buddypress plugins that are not listed in the single install as being available.

  • wecreateyou

    Well Media Temple like pretty much all Hosting companies offer several different packages to meet the consumers needs. For the two these two hosting providers these are the packages they offer.

    a Google search can get you up to speed on the different types of hosting services out there. Here's a quick one I just found with a video link. (I didn't watch video)


    Basically the shared stuff is for lower budget consumers with smaller traffic. It's still a fair amount of traffic for lots of users and they can scale but the fact that it's shared means most hosting companies will limit this server i.e. no streaming content, no mu... stuff like that.

    When you move to a dedicated you are basically renting your own server in the data center. Lots of power but specs vary from host to host.

    Media Temple's Dedicated Virtual has been reliable for me, reselling their services... but not for all hosting companies as Johnathan mentioned above. You might want to look at VPS or DV if you're considering them, as I said not cheap but you'll be in good company...

    Now I will say that for MT
    Grid service = like cloud
    Server = VPS
    Nitro = enterprise class dedicated
    Complex = just means custom

    Good luck sorting stuff out!

  • Jonathan

    wecreateyou did an excellent job of describing the packages,

    VPS.net ... isn't much different?
    Cloud hosting - basically shared stuff (new, just launched)
    VPS Cloud Server - you manage your own virtual server
    CDN - content delivery network - all your files are accessible from multiple locations around the work, makes downloading content (images, mp3, files etc) quicker by limiting the distance it has to travel - well something like that.

    If you are new to all this hosting stuff, I would recommend going with wecreateyou's (dv) Dedicated-Virtual, I used it a few years back, and it is the easier to get your feet wet in more advanced hosting. It is scalable, comes with plesk (It did back then) plesk is similar to cpanel, etc.

    Special note: Unlimited bandwidth is not really unlimited. Your server will crash long before you ever reach any limit or unlimited amount of bandwidth you are allocated. What makes a server Prrrrr, is RAM, CPU - something the shared hosting companies never tell you, or inform you how much you actually have access too :wink:


  • GNM

    JustHost does have an upgrade. I'll look into that as well. Their service has been wonderful. very helpful - except the past one - that really had me looking more into it.

    The project is BIG by Australian standards ... and I have to do it on a very limited budget until some moohlah comes in. however, i do NOT want to transfer a whole site when it is doing well. better to do it before and get it right. The media are going to be all over it. I am owed a fair few favours from the last few years!

    I'll post back what JustHost have ... for your info.

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