Why did 112 themes just ask to be updated?

Just wondering why:

1) When I originally installed this theme pack, over 20 themes immediately said they needed to be updated.

2) Why 111 themes just indicated they needed to be updated. Were they all changed, or did you just change one and then rev the version number for all of them?

3) Why can't the WPMU DEV Dashboard update these themes? Preferably just modifying them, instead of having to have the admin download a 36MB file, uncompress it, and then upload 55MB in theme files to the server.


  • Tom Eagles
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    In answer you your questions.

    1)A lot of the time themes constantly need an update when a plugin or update is released by us
    2)Sometimes it takes a while for the api to kick in and let you know there is an update available.
    3)We are looking at ways of making the farm pack updates easier for users.

    Kindest Regards


  • philipt18
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    1) It seems like at least some of those 22 themes that were updated were not updated to versions created by WPMU. Some of the version numbers are not in the same series (i.e. they're much higher).

    2) My question was were all the themes actually changed, or if you make one change to a theme in the pack do you rev the version number for all of them? The only change mentioned was "- Fixed Nature RSS icon". Does that mean one icon in one theme (Nature) was changed and all 133 themes had their versions updated? Without an automated system for updating the themes, that's a big problem.

    3) I look forward to a better solution.

  • Tom Eagles
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    The farm pack is created by other authors and sometimes we have to edit their uploads to fix any changes their updates make.

    you are right though about the farm pack updates it's a very cumbersome system and as i said we are working on a better way to update this.

    I will tag the dev assigned to this to provide feedback as to where we are with this.



  • Mike
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    Hiya, we haven't heard from you in a short while so I just wanted to check in and see how things are going here?

    If you still need some assistance then by all means just reopen the thread or create another one for any new and related issues.


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