why did you remove dates from the change log of plugin?

I know there is a balance between design, sales/marketing and I credit wpmudev for their strives in that area. But... I'm feeling a little jaded that you removed the dates from the change logs on your plugin descriptions and files. I'm not going to assume why you took them out, perhaps it was an oversight, or a cleaner design dictated it...

When administrating sites today It's critical to know when plugins were updated and what was changed. If not for Security alone.... just knowing what was changed is NOT enough, to keep a secure site we must also assess what has not changed in a plugin and when so that we can ensure vulnerabilities are taken care of.

Besides Security, we need to be able to gauge enhancements. Code and best practices must also be evaluated. Providing a date and time stamp of these helps with context.

Kindly, Please put the dates back into the change log.