Why do I have a coolsnapshots and a snapshots directory?


I have a coolsnapshots and a snapshots directories. The subdirectories of the former are older than those of the latter. I'm wondering if I can delete coolsnapshots? Snapshots are working and currently being saved to /snapshots BUT ... I believe that the temporary file is saved in coolsnapshots.

I have a list of the subdirectories and files and last modified dates but I'm not sure if I should post the info here.

Many thanks


  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hey Frances,

    Hope you're doing well today :slight_smile:

    Snapshot shouldn't have two folders, and first time I hear of coolsnapshots.
    It might be that this was some your older setup and that was the name it was used for your folder or have you used any similar plugins that could have created this?

    If all your snapshots are being stored in Snapshot folder than you should be safe to delete coolsnapshots, but you should download them on your PC just to stay on the safe side.

    Best regards,

  • PCI Team

    Thanks Predrag. I don't think we ever had a similar plugin.

    The current settings says that the archives folder is snapshots but the odd thing is that a sub-sub-sub folder in the coolsnapshots folder contains a file called snapshots, without an extension, which was 56MB yesterday (the same size as our current snapshot archive zip) and is now 0 bytes and says last modified yesterday. It appeared to change to 0 bytes after I ran a manual snapshot yesterday which makes me think that it is some sort of temporary file. So I wonder if it will affect the creating of future snapshots if I delete the coolsnapshots folder? And if it did, would I have to reinstall Snapshots plugin or amend the settings or perhaps just 'Add New'?

    Thanks again


  • PCI Team

    Hi Predrag

    Just to let you know, I deleted the coolsnaps folder and got the following warning in Snapshots settings:

    Warning: Your Snapshot folder is publicly accessible. Please make sure you DO NOT use the default "snapshot" location. Although we attempt to disallow directory listing and are obscuring your backup names, having this folder public opens it up for exploitation. You may need to consult your hosting provider to move this folder outside of your website folder.

    Now I understand.

    Best wishes


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