Why do I keep getting this with ProSites?

I have a problem with this: "You can’t edit this item because it is in the Trash. Please restore it and try again." Restore What? and if it's the page I've done that many times now and still get the same problems. Plus... If I have three levels Basic, Premium, Elite - How do I get the levels to stay set to their specifics with plugins and themes as being the difference between the levels. Basic I give basic themes, Elite everything under the sun.... Need to really utilize Prosites to it's fullest here... Need some help!

Thank You

  • i2know01

    Checkout Page -

    You can create a sales message that is shown at the top of the checkout page. (Hint - make it colorful with images and such!)
    Edit Checkout Page »
    If for some reason you need to regenerate the checkout page, simply trash the current page above then save this settings form. A new checkout page will be created with a slug and title based on the re-brand option above.

    Why would I not get the page to create? I'm using a Multi-User Site....

  • i2know01

    It's not on a Godaddy server... I have followed the instructions on your Pro-Sites to the "T" ... This all has to do with no checkout page, on settings... If I have a free sign up level I wouldn't need Pro-Sites right? But I have 3 levels, 2 of which I would like to offer plugins and templates to my end users and segregate between the 3 levels... So how do you do that with no check out page??? I'm working it out on another server right now with a whole other multi-site to see if I've missed something here... It would be very good if we could get some video tutorials for better explanation of these plugins... The whole structure so you can wrap your head around the possibilities that can be performed with Pro-Sites....

  • Kimberly

    Hi i2know01!

    Very sorry for the confusion here :slight_smile:

    The easiest way to force a checkout page is to enable the "pay to blog" option in the modules. This way, when your user tries to log on then they are met with a checkout page. The squares that are generated are built into the plugin. The only thing you can add to the checkout page (it is generated on the fly) is some text to add to the stuff that is already being generated.

    I am very sorry but there is no built in, all in one, register and subscribe page. You can build one using one of the form plugins like Formidable or Gravity.

    I'm very sorry for the lapse here.

    Are you having the other issues still?



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