Why do my classifieds button look so crummy?

See at http://perrypulse.com/classifieds-2/

1. Why is there that little text that says, "no categories?"

2. why are there all those little gray useless boxes?

3. Why are those shortcodes showing up in columns?

This has taken forever to figure out even thus far. Help is greatly appreciated. I can't publish looking like this.

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi there, so first off the styling from your theme isnt being carried over to the buttons.

    Secondly the grey boxes are your categories but i am guessing you have no entries so they appear empty.

    what shortcodes are you talking about? do you mean the No categories in red message?

    To embed the pages properly into your theme you will need to copy the templates included in the plugins folder into a copy of single-page.php and save it this way you can retain all teh styling and layout of your theme.


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