Why do some of my pages show sidebars when they shouldn't be?

I am using the Directory plugin, the links on my home page are the categories which open to the listings pages that will display the people who added their listings.

I went to pages and at the bottom I went to Custom Fields and chose “directory_page” and added the page name as the value and then chose “wide-page” as the template.

The only page that is to have the two sidebars is the home page. The rest are not to have sidebars and are all (but the home page) set to “wide-page” as the template.

The problem I’m having now is some of the pages are still showing the two sidebars and some worked correctly and are not showing the sidebars. I can’t figure out why some of the pages are showing the sidebars!!!

If someone wouldn’t mind, could you take a look and see if I did something wrong?

Thank you!

Peggy :slight_smile: