why do some plugins say 'network' active but are not available on subdomains?

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I think I am confusing myself a bit :slight_smile: I just can't quite grasp why some plugins say 'network active' on subdomains but then I can't do anything to the settings there, e.g. the support plugin. My multisite subdomains have different purposes so the support is quite different for each subdomain...is it not possible to use the same plugin for different purposes on a multisite?

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  • Nithin

    Hey Linda,

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    A network is a series of sites, that constitute a multisite. You have the option to enable plugins per subsite, or to network activate the plugin. When you network activate the plugin, it activates the plugin on all the sites of your network.

    There are some plugins that'll only work when network activated, eg Defender, Hummingbird, Support System etc. These plugins are meant to enabled network wide, and hence, it will show "Network Activate" in your subsites, it defeats the purpose of plugin, if it's activated per subsite. At the moment, I'm afraid there isn't any way to run the plugin per subsite, it'll only work per network.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you still need any further assistance. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:

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  • Nastia

    Hello Linda,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Is it possible to get helpful suggestions to pop up with the support plugin so you can guide the user through the dashboard

    Yes, it is possible to trigger a popup on a click.

    If you are using a PopUp plugin, we suggest to move to Hustle and set up a Custom Content popup. The Hustle is an improved version of the PopUp plugin.

    In Hustle plugin, once a Custom Content PopUp is created, go to Display Settings, and under PopUp Triggers, choose Click tab

    On the front add a link to a text, where a visitor will click, and add a custom class inside. So once you view the content in a text editor it will look like this

    <a class="custum-css" href="#">Click Here</a>

    if it is possible can I regulate who sees the popups and the plugin section in general with the pro sites plugin?

    In Display Settings, you can control to whom the PopUp is visible from the Available Conditions, you can choice conditions like:
    - Visitor is logged in / Visitor not logged in
    - From a specific referrer
    - On specific URL ( add the URL of the page where the popup will show up)
    - In a specific Country / Not in a specific Country

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!


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