Why do we have to do the PayPal APP ID for Marketpress adaptive Payments

Greetings WPMU Dev :slight_smile:

folks regarding the PayPal X App and going through PayPals team of APP testers to approve apps, how come when I buy plugins from Incansoft that all I have to do is give them a PayPal X user name and my Site URL and they complete the entire process for me and sent back the PayPal Application ID.


I did exactly what they said on the page and got my working PayPal APP ID the next day and when I log into my X.com account and there it all is:
Sandbox ID:
Live App ID:

Now since the software cost me $7.77 I think that was a pretty good bargain that all I had to do was simply create the X.com account and the other couple simple instructions they have on the page above and all is well.

Once again all I had to do was:

Create an x.com account put a link to PayPals AUP on my site, and email to Incansoft the my site URL and the x.com username and within 24 hours the working APP information appeared within my x.com account. I did not even create the APP application or anything.

Why does WPMU do this for its Paid Members? Making all of our lives much simpler?

Joe :slight_smile:

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey Joe.

    I see on their site they say they have an agreement with Paypal for this, to make it easier.....

    Took weeks for mine to get sorted with Paypal. I think this could be an excellent addition, not sure on the logistics of such feat though or what Paypal would require from WPMU Dev to get a similar agreement.

    If possible this would get a huge +1 from me! :slight_smile:

    I'll mention it to a few others.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Timothy :slight_smile:

    I agree this would be an excellent addition plus a membership selling point :slight_smile:

    As you are probably aware PayPal puts a person through the wringer trying to get this done.

    Here is an exact "answer" so to speak when I tried to get it myself through PayPal:

    Joseph - Thank you for your submission. In reviewing your application, we have several questions regarding the functionality and information provided in your application.

    1) If using a chain payment API, who is the primary receiver/merchant of record (MOR)?

    2) Who will pay the PayPal transaction fees?

    3) I am unable to complete a test payment flow using PayPal. The test URL you provided does not work. Please provide the test accounts/credentials needed or a sample product that allows me to complete a test transaction. Your Adaptive Payments test URL should point to our sandbox and allow me to complete a PayPal transaction.

    4) Do you have a posted refund policy? If you do not provide refunds or they are the responsibility of others, please indicate this on your site.

    by Joe - Had they actually visited the site this was obvious and apparent everywhere on the site.

    5) Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy publicly available? If not, you can use PayPal's (https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=ua/AcceptableUse_full&locale.x=en_US). However one must be posted.

    by Joe - Had they actually visited the site this was obvious and apparent everywhere on the site.

    6) Per PayPal’s branding requirements mentioned in the Developer’s Agreement (https://www.x.com/docs/DOC-1031), please use PayPal’s buttons on your payment page. To create PayPal button, please login to PayPal.com and click the “merchant services” tab.

    7) What is your average selling price and estimated monthly volume?

    We know your business may be new but we require your best guess to complete our review. Thank you, PayPal, Inc.

    Not that any of this was a big deal, however, compared to the arrangement Incansoft has and the way they did everything including the review and all done within 24 hours - it was actually less for me more like 12 hours probably the time difference - all I have to say if WOW.

    Joe :slight_smile:

    PS: this would also in my opinion cut down on a lot of support requests ..... lol

  • Aaron

    That would be awesome if it could be done. Incansoft apparently has a deal with PayPal to allow this.

    When I was createing the adaptive gateway, PayPal barely had their act together at all. I spent literally tens of hours going back and forth with their support trying to figure out how we could make the process easiest for our members. But they wouldn't budge that everyone had to apply individually, even though the code was the same.

    Apparently they've gotten their act together more and are willing to work with application developers, so this may be a possibility. I'll have to look into it when I get a chance.

  • aecnu

    Greetings Aaron :slight_smile:

    this would certainly be the bomb if WPMU Dev can pull this off with PayPal - and of course save a lot of grief for members :slight_smile:

    Obviously PayPal has some how changed their policy or whatever concerning this issue about having each person going through the hassle of registering the same app streamlining the process with cooperation of the vendors/app creators :slight_smile:

    Joe :slight_smile:

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