Why does Asking for May 2014 events give me June 2014 events?

1. In Events dashboard - WHY if I search on May 2014 events, does it ONLY list events in JUNE!!!!

This is crazy.

2. I also searched on "features" as one of the course titles included it and NOTHING came up.

3. HOW can you easily tell if someone has booked into a course.

One shows 2 people but I do not have an email for the second person and I am not sure how to find out who has booked.

Is there a way to have a small icon (orange dot with a number like you get to alert you in the WPMU dashboard when there is a plugin upgrade required). There needs to be these little alerts on ALL the plugins on the WP dashboard. Otherwise knowing what is happening is a nightmare.

Even better would be to have ALL plugins activity showing on the dashboard.