Why does chat not automatically show a login form for non logged in people

Trying to set up chat but having trouble with the workflow and I dont know if this is me not seeing the setting or if its just an overlooking design opportunity.

When I have my chat window set up on the main screen that click the chat window to reveal it and are presented a message:

"You must login to participate in chat"

Then then must figure out what symbol represents the login dropdown menu item and then click "login" to then reveal the login form of which they then must click their mouse in the name field and then can start typing....

How do I make it so that if a new user is coming to chat for the first time and they are not logged in, they can click the chat window to reveal the chat window which will recognize if they are not logged in and automatically show the login form (the username email) with the cursor focus being in the username so they can immediately start typing.

1. One click to typing in username


1 one click to reveal
2 read instructions
3 find and click dropdownmenu
4 click login
5. click username field

Thoughts? Chat is all about being a positive non-frustrating easy user experience, i feel like this is important towards creating a smooth initial experience.

Let me know your thoughts or if I am just missing the setting, thanks!


  • Michael Bissett
    • Recruit

    Hey @Ben, hope you're doing well today! :slight_smile:

    I admit that it'd be nicer to have things laid out like that, that'd definitely be something to consider for a future version!

    I've moved this over to the Features & Feedback section, just so it's on the radar, but in the meantime, you may wish to change the login message to indicate that users should click on the gear icon.

    You can change that message from the "Authentication" tab inside of Chat -> Settings Site (see screenshot below). :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps!

    Kind Regards,

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    I will certainly do that....is there an eta when this functionality (not feature) will be fixed.. you must agree this workflow is very flawed...i think its pretty valuable what I am pointing out...especially if there is a claim on the marketing page that this is the best chat plugin on the market...confused if I should look for another plugin or wait for that to be fixed...thoughts?

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    In addition...the word login may through some people off because generally that entails that an account has to be created with a password....which it doesn't.

    If only the username email fields came up automatically if not logged in...so many problems would be solved! :smiley:

  • Ben
    • The Reaper

    @Michael Bissett

    (hoping to get 1000 points for this)

    So to knock off 3 steps I modified the plugin with the following code...not a complete solution...but a better a solution to improve the work flow.

    in the file: js/wpmudev-chat.js line 2360 I added the following code:

    jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + '.wpmudev-chat-box a.wpmudev-chat-action-login-2').click(function (event) {
                var chat_box_id = jQuery(this).parents('.wpmudev-chat-box').attr('id');
                jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + ' div.wpmudev-chat-module-messages-list').hide();
                jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + ' div.wpmudev-chat-module-users-list').hide();
                jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + ' div.wpmudev-chat-module-login').show();
                jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + ' div.wpmudev-chat-module-login-prompt').hide();
                jQuery('div#wpmudev-chat-box-' + chat_id + ' div.wpmudev-chat-module-login input.wpmudev-chat-login-name').focus();
                return false;

    In the file wordpress-chat.php line 4492 I added the following line:

    $content .= '<a href="#" class="wpmudev-chat-action-login-2">Click to get Started</a>';

    Now when a potential customer comes to chat they can reveal the chat window and click the link. You can style the link to appear like a button.

    Hope that helps everybody till this issue gets fixed!

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