Why does it sometimes take so long for BuddyPress to publish status and comments?

I’m just curious if someone could help understand an observation I’ve had with BuddyPress. Why does it take several seconds sometimes, perhaps a many as 15, to publish a simple status update? It can even take this long for a comment. You click the button and around and around goes the little buffer wheel then finally the status is published. It’s not all of the time, mind you, but it’s enough to really make me think that something’s not right.

Why does Twitter publish status updates faster than lightning?

Any insight would be most appreciated.



  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @kevin Schafer

    I would think that could be related to a number of things like your server configuration and load, hosting package (dedicated, shared, VPS, etc), site traffic, existing content on the activity stream(s), caching, etc.

    There is no single thing that could cause updates to be posted so slowly. On my test installs, which all run on a well-configured VPS server (with zero caching because it’s redundant when things are well-configured), updates are posted like Twitter: lightning fast.

    Is this the only area where you have noticed slowness? Are things sluggish in other areas/functionality on your site?

  • kevin_m__schafer
    • New Recruit

    Hi @patrick,

    Thank you for the reply. I appreciate it.

    My BuddyPress installation is on a multisite installation of WordPress. I have just a couple of sites and only three members right now using BuddyPress. I want to get it finely honed before telling anyone about it.

    My hosting is with Register, whose servers are in the eastern U.S., I believe. It’s a shared service and they use myISAM and have absolutely no plans on ever offering InnoDB.

    I tell you, the fun really goes out of using BuddyPress when your toes start to curl up in your shoes, thinking that your post isn’t going to publish.

    I don’t use the blog on my site, so I really can’t say how fast that publishes, though I know that the pages publish very quickly, but not lightning fast. It does sometimes take a while to go to the dashboard.

    Since I don’t have a choice on my database management style of MySQL, and I’ve tried cache plugins, what should I do, move my site to a better host?



  • kevin_m__schafer
    • New Recruit

    Hi @patrick,

    Yesterday, about an hour an a half after I posted to you on this thread, I received an e-mail from Register that my site(s) would be unavailable for about an hour at 11:00 p.m. for maintenance.

    This is the first maintenance e-mail that I’ve received in over a year.

    Yep, my sites were down last night and this morning my BuddyPress clicks along very quickly. My page loads are great.

    Due to the fact that they are providing a shared service, there must have been something from another client that was really logging down the server on which my account resides.

    I think we’re good — for now.

    Thanks for your post. I appreciate it.



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