Why does my custom field not display the date, month and year permalink structure?

Hi, I’ve just started using CustomPress to build a recruitment sites website on my staging servers and I’m learning fast on the job. The thing that confuses me is:

Why does the custom field single post NOT have the same permalink structure as a blog post? i.e. Using Year, Month & Date names in the URL??

A blog post is for example: http://clientsof.cathiegraphy.com/HuntersRecruitment/2012/02/12/hello-world/

Where as the Custom Post type ‘job’ is a different structure for a single custom post type: http://clientsof.cathiegraphy.com/HuntersRecruitment/job/german-speaking-vat-account-manager/

I’m curious about this purely because when lots of jobs are created and entered there will be more and more chances that the permalink structure will duplicated with repeated job titles. I’m wanting the URL to contain the year, month, date between /job/ & the /job title/ within the link which will reduce complications later one as ‘VAT Accountant’ job role entered in February will not match ‘VAT Accountant’ role posted in March. The same way a same blog post title posted in different months doesn’t create a clash, how do I get this functionality to work for a custom post type entry??

Is this a flaw only on my system or is this the same for everyone?