Why does Private Only plugin keep throwing me to the login page (post migration to new domain)

We are using the Private Only plugin, and it works fine for us on other sites, and worked fine for us on this site until we migrated to a new domain yesterday. Now I periodically (sometimes every reload) get thrown out to the login page in order to see the site. This usually happens after I try to edit a post in the backend, or view a post after I've edited one, or generally try to do something in the backend.

Frontend (P2 theme) doesn't seem to throw me out as often (can't remember a time, actually)

So I'm thinking this has to do with the migration, not necessarily a bug with the plugin or anything, but don't know where to edit/look. Any thoughts? We really have to have this site be private.

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Something could have remained from the migration process that points to your old domain.
    You'll have to manually search your database for my-old-domain.com and replace any references to that with my-new-domain.com with a tool like phpMyAdmin (of course replacing my-old-domain and my-new-domain with your actual domains).
    After that, please reset any caches you might have on that site, and also your browser caches and cookies as that might confuse the system.

    Please let me know how that works out...


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