Why does snapshot list only show the first 33 snapshots (out of 52 entered records)

It seems that the snapshot listing only shows 33 ( and a partial 34th) snapshot out of the 52 snapshots I have recorded. The scheduled snapshots all work as far as I have noticed. It just stops listing after 33.

  • Bruno

    Sorry to say... The problem went away when I upgraded the linux server from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 LTS.
    After the upgrade NO plugins were visible in the plugin list as multisite admin... All plugins seemed to work.
    I subsequently moved away all plugins to another folder and re-introduced them (10 at a time) to find out which one that caused a problem...
    After moving all of them back in without seeing the empty plugin-list, I looked at my snapshot list. Sure enough all 52 of them showed up properly formatted and looking happy...

    So, I will just chalked this one up to astrological phase-of-the-moon error.
    I do have some funny error messages in my apache log. But that is another story...
    Thanks for responding though. I'll mark this one as resolved.

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