Why does Support System not use the WordPress infrastructure for the FAQ?

I just installed Support System and love the way it seems to operate with one glaring exception. Since it doesn’t use custom post types and, instead, seems to create its own management system that is adapted to WP admin, it doesn’t have the normal features and controls of WordPress posts. The one that is most troublesome is the FAQ, but this would also apply to anyone who sets up a public support ticket system.

• FAQs don’t have post status so they can’t be developed prior to publication.

• Since they aren’t actually WP custom posts, Yoast SEO doesn’t see them so I can’t optimize the pages with any SEO tools.

• I can’t add post support for other features I may want to use.

All of these concerns would apply to public support tickets as well.

I would love to see this reworked to operate withing the WordPress infrastructure. As it is, I will use the support aspect but I still have to develop my own FAQ so I can let my team collaborate and optimize prior to publication.