Why does the editor not work correctly when editing content of newsletters?

I am not using the factory tinyMCE editor. I use Ultimate tinyMCE plugin. Whenever I want to edit the newsletter and I click on the "content" the editor does not display a scroll bar so I can scroll up/down through the content. Can this be fixed? I am assuming this is because my editor has extra built in tool bar features forcing the screen to not load right? Just guessing on that. Can you fix it? Thanks. Gary

  • aristath
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    Hello there Gary,

    I’m afraid I’ve never used Ultimate tinyMCE. However from what I can tell from your screenshot it doesn’t seem to offer much in addition to the default WordPress editor, does your issue still occur when you disable that plugin?

    Please advise,


  • TiffanyL
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    Hey @gary and @aristath,

    I figured out how to get Ultimate TinyMCE to work with e-Newsletter.

    It all came down to how many items per Row.

    I have a 3 row configuration which enables me to place all the items I want for easier implementing plus all the ones they (my clients) would need, which are mainly the basic elements only.

    I've attached an image to show the setup I used for Ultimate Tinymce and how it has worked just fine within the e-newsletter visual editor when I did this way.

    Prior to this the long row of icons cause the editor in e-Newsletter to malfunction and not be seen or used properly as the little lower corner size adjuster and the vertical scrollbar on the content editor itself had disappeared. Not to mention pushed the content editing area behind the preview one so it could not be seen or used effectively. Not pretty to use or look at and I need simple, simple, for my clients :slight_smile:

    Hope it helps others out too,


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