Why does the "Make an Appointment" page require payment right away and a product lets peop

First off I want to thank you guys for the wonderful help I have received setting up this plugin.

It seems as if I got the plugin working great except for one bug. I want my clients to be able to checkout with multiple appointments in their cart, which they are able to do if they book their appointment from my store or the product's page.

When the book an appointment from the "Make an Appointment" page they keep getting the "Please confirm 40 USD" button which takes them to a paypal checkout. This means they have to go through paypal multiple times to pay for more than one appointment and I have been told it is a pain.

I would like to have the "Make the Appointment" page act like the products page

I have the same code on the 2 pages and the both acted differently?

You can check it out at elementsglass.com

Thanks again,