Why does the shortcodes show once logged in?

I have installed the plugin and I'm running the most recent version of wordpress. When using the shortcode for the levels it hides the content if you are not a member but when you login you can still see the shortcode rather than just the content.

I'm trying to use the [[membership_only]]. Below is the code i'm using.


Welcome to your members page,

We have made it simple for you to get access to all your relevant content, please choose from below:

[box color="white" icon="information"]

You now have a few options:

<strong>Property Management</strong>
	[level-yourmove]<li><a href="http://www.acmonline.co.uk/clients/yourmove/">See all available properties</a></li>[/level-yourmove]
	[level-ward]<li><a href="http://www.acmonline.co.uk/clients/ward/">See all available properties</a></li>[/level-ward]
	<li>Request for us to visit a property</li>
	<li>Update password and account information</li>
	<li>Contact Us</li>



Thanks in advanced for your support.