Why does the sub site "Forgot Password" button redirect the user to main site?

In my Multisite installation I have created a few test sub sites. I noticed that when you click on the “Forgot Password” button on a sub site Admin login screen, you get redirected to the primary site of the installation. If you continue through the process of resetting the password, it does seem to work, but then the user has to manually go back to their sub site to re-enter their login information. By default they end up on the primary site’s WP login screen and if they don’t notice and enter their info there, they will get an error.

I did some searching and found this is just how Multisite works, but I would have to believe there is a solution that will keep the user on their sub site through the entire password reset process? Otherwise this is a very confusing user interface that should have been fixed years ago when developers first started asking about it.

I have not installed Pro Sites yet, but will that plugin handle the password reset process differently than the way the core is configured? Will it keep them on their own sub site? If so then that should solve this problem, if not, is their a better solution that doesn’t involve changing core files that will get wiped with the next core update?

Thanks for your help,