Why doesnt Membership 2 not charge?

Ok I really need help with this need to bew able to go live monday and can not get this figured out. I am thinking I need to get another membership plugin to make this work the way I want to. But with what I see Membership 2 should work.
Right now when I sign up it takes me to the registration page. Once I register sends me an email to activate! Once activated it tells me to login! Once logged in I can build my website. Where is my membership payment page?

To me it should take me to the registration page fill out my info hit submit. Than take me to my payment detail page. What am I doing wrong?

I have my stripe payment gateway setup to subscriber level but nothing is working very frustrated been fighting this for 3 weeks now. Try to find full information on membership 2 plugin and keep getting redirected to the plugins page. Please somebody help me with this!