why doesn't the plugin Blog & User Creator pull in my user roles

I am trying to create users and blogs using this plugin. In the third tab, the one that allows me to create new sites (blogs), when I select the roles list, the roles that I made using the Add New Role plugin don't show up as an option, although the roles are already existent. Is there a way for me to make them show up?

  • Vaughan


    thanks for posting.

    i've searched through the code and the user roles are hardcoded options, it doesn't create the options list from db roles.

    i can add this to the feature requests for a future version.

    until then you could add your user roles manually by editing the plugin code.

    see blogs-and-users/lib/forms/action_page.php

    just add your role to each option in that file.

    look for

    <option value="contributor"><?php _e("Contributor", 'bau');?></option>

    to get a general idea.

    hope this helps.

  • Ignacio

    Hi @kyle_crosby

    I'll add this on the next version but meanwhile you can make it work with the next code:

    In the same file that @Vaughan said:

    Search for <select name="bau_new_blog_user_role"> and put this code:

    <select name="bau_new_blog_user_role">
       <?php wp_dropdown_roles(); ?>

    Search for <select name="bau_this_blog_user_role"> and put this code:

    <select name="bau_this_blog_user_role">
       <?php wp_dropdown_roles(); ?>

    Search for <select name="bau_new_blog_my_role"> and put this code:

    <select name="bau_new_blog_my_role">
       <option value=""><?php _e('No role', 'bau');?></option>
       <?php wp_dropdown_roles(); ?>


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