Why don't the events line up in date order?...

When you open an event - the list of events (on the individual event page) is not in order.

I have an event on Feb 12 and March 12 and it says:

" [calendar icon] Takes place on March 12.......
and takes place on February 12, 2014 from 9.00am to 5pm"

Firstly, the calendar icon is taken to mean "takes place on" so the text is redundant

Secondly, why is the next upcoming event first? This way someone might glance at it and see March first and not bother to look further down as the assumption would be the most recent is at the top.

If you had an event every month from Jan to Dec 2014, it would list as follows:

Takes place on December xx, 2014 at [time]
Takes place on November xx, 2014 at [time]
Takes place on October xx, 2014 at [time]
Takes place on September xx, 2014 at [time]
Takes place on August xx, 2014 at [time]

It appears to list it in the order it is entered - but that is crazy too - what if you decide to add another event and it is in the middle of the ones already entered on the event entry screen. You can't add one in the middle or change the order - do you have to delete them all and start again??? (Ain't nobody got time for that!).

This is not logical!

Please change it so :
1. the next event is at the top OR the order of the dates can be moved around on the event entry page - either would do.
2.(please and get rid of "Takes place on" (it would be better if it listed the day if anything).