Why is Domain Mapping screwing up this site?

This site: http://donerightremoval.com/ is all screwed up with lots of errors seeming to relate to domain mapping. Any idea what's up?

  • Tevya

    So any help? I find it hard to think of my membership here as paying for "support" because it seems like this is the norm. I don't really get any help without begging, and bugging. Great support should be that the support provider follows up until a problem is confirmed resolved.

    This is not an attack against you personally @Paul Barthmaier. This is just a general statement about the support I receive here. I understand that recently there's been a wave of new customers and you're all rushing to keep up. However, my perception is that this is very much the same kind of support I received 7+ months ago when first trying out WPMUdev. I want you guys to succeed. I really like some of your plugins and like the "all access" business model. However, something needs to change as far as the support goes.

    The same goes for customer feedback and requests. I pointed out how 2 plugins are largely the same, and the features that could be added to set one apart and meet the needs of many of your clients. The response was for the developer to argue with me and tell me why I was wrong. Not only does that push me away and make me want to take my business elsewhere because of how I was treated, it also makes me feel like your customer's needs aren't a real priority. When a customer is asking you for a feature you don't tell them "no, you don't want that."

    As I said, I really genuinely want WPMUdev to succeed. But contrasted with the support and desire to meet my needs I receive from other WordPress-based companies, WPMUdev is severely lacking. It's hard to justify even the yearly subscription, when at those other places I pay a fraction for a yearly membership, or in the case of the one that's the very best at support, I only pay 1-time per plugin/theme, and still receive ongoing--excellent--support and updates indefinitely. Please step things up.

    I'm sure you're not the decision maker, but my company does provide audits, analysis, and consulting to improve workflow, efficiency, customer satisfaction, etc. Perhaps that's part of why I might seem a little hyper-critical. We know what great support is and often teach our clients how to implement it in efficient, sustainable ways. If there is some interest in a 3rd party analysis and training, let me know. Thanks.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi Tevya,

    You bring up valid points and I know where you are coming from. No, I suppose I'm not a decision maker any more than you are, but that's the thing, in this community we're all decision makers. We make our decisions through our actions. I choose to work here, you choose to shop here, as did I, and I keep coming back because I like what we do and I want to see it be even better! I regret to hear that someone would argue with you over picayune differences distinguishing two plugins.

    Let's talk more about the improvements you want to suggest in another format. As for your question at hand, this is most perpelexing and I find it hard to believe that this is the only blog you're having trouble with on that multisite install. Not that I'm arguing with YOU!! heehee I'm thinking theme related, but I just don't know. Let's ping the developer.


  • Zyniker

    I've also had some recent issues with this plugin, thankfully, I've been able to resolve them (and I think one was related to my host and I found a temporary workaround); with the foregoing in mind, a bit more information might help narrow down possibilities:

    Do you have Multi-Domains installed?
    Do you have both the wp_domain_map and the wp_domain_mapping tables in your database? Which one has content (i.e., records) in it?
    Are you using a CNAME or an A record for the domain(s) that you have mapped?
    Was this a fresh install of the Domain Mapping plugin? or did you update from an older version? Do you have access to a working installation?

  • Tevya

    @Paul Barthmaier is there another venue for discussing those things? I didn't mean to make them public, but wasn't aware of another way to express my concerns/frustrations.

    We just updated to WP 3.5 and checked all of the sites on our multisite after the upgrade to make sure it didn't break any, and no, none of the rest are having any problems related to Domain Mapping. In fact, we only found one minor issue on one other site, after the update. If you'd like you can see the other site that's running a theme from the same developers (MySiteMyWay) here: qualitywindows.fiddlersites.com/client-preview and it also uses their shortcode system (which is the same across all themes) to display content on the home page. It doesn't have an issue. However, it's also not domain mapped currently (waiting on the client to approve). So perhaps with a mapped domain it would also suffer the same problem? Even if it is a theme issue, I still need to know what the theme is doing wrong, if I'm going tell the developer how to fix it.

    @Zyniker here's the answers (as best I can provide) to your questions:
    - We are not using "Multi-Domains".
    - Uh, I dunno... where do I look?
    - We actually use nameservers with the registrar. Then in cPanel use the "Addon Domain" option. Works great for over 40 other sites on our Multisite Network, but this one has problems.
    - The problem started (I'm fairly certain) when we updated the plugin through auto-update. We've since manually updated, as auto-update seems broken (see here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/domain-mapping-wont-auto-update ). But no it's not a fresh install of the plugin.

  • Zyniker

    For the database tables, you'd want to look at your database through phpMyAdmin (as I see you're using cPanel, there should be a link for this).

    When you manually updated the plugin, did you replace sunrise.php in your /wp-content/ directory? If not, I would recommend doing so. I've had some issues in the recent past which were solved by replacing sunrise.php with the one contained in the plugin download.

  • Tevya

    Okay, well the non-support has continued, but I'm going to try again: I tried removing the domain mapping, and it's working just fine. So the plugin itself doesn't conflict/cause this. It's the actual mapping of the domain that brings out the errors on this theme.

    I'm temporarily leaving it unmapped so the theme dev and whoever wants to, can see it unmapped (and without errors) here: http://donerightremoval.fiddlersites.com.

    New info: I have another theme from this same dev on another site that we had not yet mapped because we're waiting on the client before we can complete the project. I just tried mapping a domain to it, and just like I suspected, same errors in similiar places and repeated over and over at the bottom of the page:

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'domain_map' does not have a method 'domain_mapping_siteurl' in /home/site/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 173

  • Tevya

    Quick update. This site is also displaying that same error: http://stanmakowskistudios.com/ it is also a MySiteMyWay theme. And I'm certain it was working just fine with the domain mapped, 5 months ago. We don't update that Multisite's plugins very regularly. Usually just when there's a major WP update.

    So based on this new evidence, it would seem that the conflict was introduced in more recent versions of the Domain Mapping plugin. I can't tell you exactly what version it was introduced with. But at least a few versions ago.

    That totally makes sense, because I was almost certain I had donerightremoval.com mapped and working just fine. It must've been an update we applied to Domain Mapping that borked it. Whereas http://stanmakowskistudios.com didn't have any problems until just last week when we updated to WP 3.5 and updated all the plugins on that Multisite, including Domain Mapping.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there,

    You could be correct, but it's still odd from our perspective, since we haven't seen that error before or with any other theme. However, it is always possible that it's a cataclysmic synergy of events that unfold. But let's see if @Barry can offer some suggestions of avenues to pursue.


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  • Tevya

    @Paul Barthmaier yeah, I totally understand that. I've been assuming it's their themes all along (and pressuring them to do something about it), because I have a total of over 50 other themes on these 2 multisites (most domain mapped) and not a single other one has any sort of problems. So it's definitely something very unique that they're doing. But it would appear that it wasn't an issue several versions of Domain Mapping ago.

    So it's @Barry who's looking into it? Not @Timothy Bowers? I sent the information Attn: Timothy Bowers.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hey there,

    Barry is the plugin author. Tim is arguably the most knowledgeable of the support team, so either way, you're likely in better hands. It would be nice if we can articulate something that would resonate with the theme author which explains why this error is occurring. I'm sorry I can't put something together for you that might be coherent enough to inspire their action.


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  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    Fixed :slight_smile:

    Things I've done whilst debugging:

    + Incorrect Folder and file owner and group on plugin
    + Incorrect file owner and group on sunrise.php file
    + Missing IP in admin
    + Domain_map table removed - This was from Donncha's plugin

    The theme tries to do something assuming the domain mapping plugin is that of Donncha's and this would seem the root of the issue.

    /themes/method/lib/functions/image.php line 456:

    if ( defined( 'DOMAIN_MAPPING' ) ){

    So it really is a theme issue.

    Anyway, around line 464 of the same file change this:

    remove_filter( 'pre_option_siteurl', array(&$dm_map, 'domain_mapping_siteurl') );
    $orig_url = get_option( 'siteurl' );
    $orig_urls[ $blog_id ] = $orig_url;
    add_filter( 'pre_option_siteurl', array(&$dm_map, 'domain_mapping_siteurl') );

    To this:

    remove_filter( 'pre_option_siteurl', array(&$dm_map, 'domain_mapping_mappedurl') );
    $orig_url = get_option( 'siteurl' );
    $orig_urls[ $blog_id ] = $orig_url;
    add_filter( 'pre_option_siteurl', array(&$dm_map, 'domain_mapping_mappedurl') );

    Ultimately it related to how they're getting image paths in the theme when in multisite and domain mapping, hence why the images were also broken.

    Because they're doing something away from the norm there they would either need to make provisions for our plugin or you'll need to make these changes every time you come to update their themes.

    Take care.

  • Tevya

    Wow. Okay. Lots to try and understand here. So:

    1. I need to update the folder and sunrise.php to the fiddlers owner, and also change the premissions, right? What should the permissions be? Or did you already make new ones and I just need to delete the old ones??

    2. I've never had the IP in the admin. Is that important? My understanding is it wasn't necessary for parked domains on cPanel. I mean it's fine, I'm just wondering if I need to change the other multisite to match.

    3. There was a table in there from the other Domain Mapping plugin, that's not necessary, but that probably wasn't the problem, just something you cleaned up, right?

    4. Thanks for the fix to the theme, I'll send it to the theme's developers, and also apply it to the other 2 sites running the same theme.

    Thanks again! I really appreciate all this. That's some great support.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey again.

    Sorry I wasn't so clear, let me try again. :slight_smile:

    1. No you don't need to change permissions, what I did was rename them so I could upload fresh versions which I've already done. So you need to delete:

    /wp-content/sunrise-ole.php - Which I don't actually see now.

    I use "old" and "ole" in the name when testing things to ensure I have a copy of the old ones. I then use the alternative name if both exists because when you rename one it can't be the same as the other. Hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

    I just rechecked and don't see either of those two files in /wp-content/ but the old plugin one still exists. Best to chat with the host.

    2. Not important really, just thought you missed it. It's really just for cosmetics so people can see the IP on their site sites when mapping domains in.

    I don't believe it affects any functionality.

    3. I'm not sure if it was the other plugin or this theme adding it (the table), I didn't look to much into that. Part of our code checks to see if DM_COMPATIBILITY is defined and depending on the results will then look for just domain_map rather than domain_mapping.

    I was really just saying so you know.

    4. If they need to chat about this then they are more than welcome to get in touch with me (same contact form as you used and addressed to my attention). Ultimately the aim of both companies is to have happy customers. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • Tevya

    1. Thanks. I think I got the ole/old stuff deleted and taken care of. Some permissions on other plugin folders as well.

    2. Okay, I see. I'll leave it. But I actually do all the domain mapping for my clients, so that's why it wasn't set.

    3. Cool.

    4. I posted that info on the thread in the MySiteMyWay support forums. So hopefully they'll contact you directly.

    Thanks again. This was great support!

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