Why is New Blog Templates throwing errors in pages?

See this screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s26/sh/6a00a484-5503-4f98-a92e-e5494d508b1e/2d686f6e684c1030a85143006d35ff14

On the contact page of a new subsite I'm building I'm getting that error. 1st I'm confused why New Blog Templates would be loading ANYTHING on this page at all??? Shouldn't it only load in the Network admin, and perhaps on the front-end signup pages where people register a new blog?

I only use it as a baseline to get started on each new website. I only need it to do anything, when I create a new site. My multisite is not open to users creating their own new blogs. So it's strange to me it's loading anywhere at all, outside the network admin, especially throwing an error on a page and site that was working fine before, and has nothing to do with this plugin, except that the plugin was used to get this site started, back when we began the project.

  • Tevya

    I've had to disable New Blog Templates since it had killed contact forms across all sites on the network (which is completely unacceptable, my clients are potentially missing out on business, and it makes me look bad when my sites error).

    I hope this prompts some serious reworking so this plugin doesn't load places where it's absolutely not needed. It should load on front-end pages where users can register a new site, and on a few network admin pages such as it's own settings, and the add new site pages. But other than that, I can't think of any reason it would be loading everywhere else. It couldn't conflict with GF if it weren't loading on those pages.

    I'm not a developer, so forgive me if I don't understand. BUT, this seems like this should have been avoided by having the plugin only load where it's actually needed.

  • Ignacio

    Hi @Tevya Washburn

    We just released a new version of the plugin and it should be fixed now.

    The plugin is improved in every release, I try to remove needed files but NBT doesn't work only in the registration page because there are users that has their own registration page, it's impossible to know for every site where will be that registration page.

    This issue was due to a Gravity Forms module, the code shouldn't have been there as is a beta code and we are waiting for Gravity Forms to add extra code to their plugin. That said, a user could have a form made with Gravity Forms in a place different from wp-signup.php and that's why that file (integration.php) is loaded.

    There are more reasons about loading files that are apparently not needed:

    - The plugin need to know in every refresh if a database upgrade is needed
    - If you have a default template, everytime a blog is created that template should be applied, are blogs created only in wp-signup or New Site Admin Screen? No, it depends on every user. Think that any plugin could create a blog so I need to wait for WordPress to create a new blog and then apply the template. I need to include the file that has that hook.

    What I'm doing in every big release is include files with only the code that is needed.


  • Tevya

    Okay, thanks for taking time to explain @Ignacio. So am I okay to reactivate it now? Or do I need to wait for the update to Gravity Forms first? I'm not clear on this based on your answer.

    That makes sense why you'd need to load it elsewhere. Perhaps you would consider some plugin settings that would help people using it in different situations? For example, on my Multsite, new blog signups are disabled under Network>Settings. We don't allow anyone to setup their own blog on their own. New sites are always created by us, from the WP network admin. Therefore on our multisite, this plugin is only needed when creating a new site from Network Admin>Sites>Add New.

    If your plugin could detect the setting from Network Admin>Settings, OR have it's own setting, then we could tell it where to load, and where not to load. In our case, we don't need to to load on the front-end sites EVER, or in the Admin of any sub-sites. ONLY in Network Admin>Sites>Add New, since there are no new-blog signup forms, and new blog/site creation is disabled.

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