Why is New Blog Templates throwing errors in pages?

See this screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s26/sh/6a00a484-5503-4f98-a92e-e5494d508b1e/2d686f6e684c1030a85143006d35ff14

On the contact page of a new subsite I’m building I’m getting that error. 1st I’m confused why New Blog Templates would be loading ANYTHING on this page at all??? Shouldn’t it only load in the Network admin, and perhaps on the front-end signup pages where people register a new blog?

I only use it as a baseline to get started on each new website. I only need it to do anything, when I create a new site. My multisite is not open to users creating their own new blogs. So it’s strange to me it’s loading anywhere at all, outside the network admin, especially throwing an error on a page and site that was working fine before, and has nothing to do with this plugin, except that the plugin was used to get this site started, back when we began the project.