Why is support always asking for credentials?

Does the support button that is part of the dashboard not actually work? I will not give out credentials as it's not entirely safe yet there are several techs that are adamant about getting them otherwise they won't work on the site. Is this a WPMU policy?

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    Enabling support access in the Dashboard allows us to check settings and make minor changes. But we’re limited to what we can do there, so access is often granted for us to investigate and address code or complex issues.

    Things we don’t normally do without FTP/full access:

    – Add or edit the code

    – Test new experimental fixes, like in new betas

    – Look into DB issues or run query strings

    – Run in-depth conflict tests

    – Perform updates

    – Edit other plugins/themes in the admin

    If something goes wrong in those instances, like a WSOD for example, it’s harder and sometimes impossible to fix, so it makes sense we take the precaution of having appropriate access to fix if needed.

    In my early days of support here, a customer had an issue and required an update of WP which addressed it. They asked we help and so I did, hit that upgrade button. Got stuck on the WP upgrade screen aka maintenance mode. Something timed out on their website/web host. They were super annoyed at me because their hosting choked somehow and I didn’t have the access required to fix such a simple problem I hadn’t caused. No we require access when we think we might need to make changes or that it will help our SLS or developers figure something out quickly.

    Of course, you don’t have to provide access, but in doing that you limit the amount of support we can provide, especially for custom stuff not relating to our products or services. In the vast majority of cases, we can quickly take a look and sort issues for people but walking them through everything step by step isn’t practical.

    In instances where we really need access but you don’t wish to grant that, we would then advise you look to hire a developer that you trust and can assist further.

    Our chats and email are highly secure from our side. We can’t, of course, guarantee the connection from your side

    Hope this explains.

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