Why is the Affiliates Plugin not tracking clicks?

I set up the Affiliates Plugin. I created a referral link for one of my users. I attached that referral link to a tweet I sent out on 34 Twitter accounts.

This is the link: http://bktwtr.com/vfhb

My short link stats show the link was clicked 330 times, but the Affiliates Plugin recorded no unique clicks.

I'm okay with the fact that there may not have been 330 unique clicks, as some of the people clicking the link may already have a cookie in their browser for my site, but something has to be wrong when there are absolutely no unique clicks out of 330 clicks.

Before I did the mass tweets, I wiped cookies from several browsers and tried using the referral link. Nothing.

I've had a couple of friends and even my mom, all of whom I know have never been to this particular site, click the referral link. Nothing.

If there is not a 24-hour delay before clicks start showing in the reports, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.