Why is the appointments+ paypal express checkout page different to marketpress triggered paypal chec

Seems that when a customer goes to pay for their appointment they only get the basic payment page; i.e. pay with your paypal account whereas they should see options to pay with credit card.
It's working fine with marketpress plugin and I have ticked the box in appointments+ settings to integrate with marketpress.
Puzzled as to why this would be happening.
all f the setting seem correct

  • walter

    Hi Vaughan,
    yes I did add the appointments calendar as a product item.
    If the integration between appointments+ and marketpress works why would it present a different paypal page?
    The API between marketpress and paypal is active and working so why doesn't appointments+ use it.
    My customers don't care about the difference between an appointment as a product and an appointment nor should that matter.
    How to I make appointments+ use the right paypal page ?
    Seems strange that two of your plugins don't use the same interface.
    Need a fix asap please; what'sthe workaround??

  • Vladislav


    I'm sorry but I wasn't able to reproduce the issue you described. Purchasing an Appointment product (as opposed to, as @Vaughan explained, just getting an appointment from a standalone page) passes control on to MarketPress, and I landed on exact same type of PayPal page, which also had the option of paying with a credit card. Can you please make sure that you're actually trying to purchase an appointment product (i.e. your appointment URL is nested under your store slug, e.g. example.com/store/products/appointments/ )?

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