why is the pay with a like plugin hiding every thing in my post?

i have put a download button inside of the tags [pwal] [/pwal] so that it can be hidden, but the plugin is hidding EVERYTHING on the page instead of just the button.

  • Kimberly

    Hello there Antonio!

    Welcome to the Community!

    You should probably make sure your settings are not overriding each other. on the Method option:

    Selects the content protection method for this post. If Follow Global Setting is selected, method selected in General Settings page will be applied. If you want to override general settings, select one of the other methods. With Use Selection Tool you need to select each content using the icon on the editor tool bar. For other methods refer to the settings page.

    you should definitely check your Global Settings to see if it is activated for every post/page and make sure your page setting either deactivates it (if it is set to global protection)

    You can check and report back or just throw a screenshot up and I can look with you :slight_smile:



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