Why isn't my Blog being Crawled/Indexed/SEO?

Website: http://www.filmledger.com

WordPress Version: 3.5.1

SEO Plugin: Infinite SEO (Latest Version)

About: I’ve recently completely updated my blog. Same domain, moved to a better server, same hosting provider (godaddy), completely new theme “Gonzo”. I’ve been recently configuring and testing different SEO plugins – Yoast WordPress SEO & now, Infinite SEO.

Problem: My website doesn’t get crawled, indexed, or updated on google! I’ve tried both Yoast and Infinite.

More Problems: I’ve noticed that my preferred domain doesn’t even register (for example: I’ve set it to http://www.filmledger.com, but filmledger.com takes priority on google). The last crawled stat was registered on 4/15/13.

What I have tried: I am using google webmaster tools. I have submitted a sitemap. I have refetched all pages, posts, and links. I have set my preferred domain. Nothing. It’s as if these settings don’t register.

Background info: Originally, when I had Yoast WordPress SEO installed, google did update my website once (4/15/13)! After that, it never updated again. Even after I tried refetching and resubmitting new sitemaps, posts, pages, and links.

What do I need to do? You can view all screen shots of my sitemap, crawl stats, and settings on this post.