Why isn't subscribe by email working?

Subscribe by email isn't actually sending any emails out when form is filled out. I've whitelisted all ip addresses requesting outgoing connections to trouble shoot, still nothing. Help?

  • Caleb

    Hello Michael,
    Sure, specific to my server possibly but the default email address of "no-reply@mysitename.com" was left in the configuration per the suggestion of getting by the spam filter. However my server's send mail won't allow any mail to be sent or received to an address that does not specifically exist within the mail system, for obvious security reasons. So, the fix was simple. An email address was created on my mail server of "no-reply@mysitename.com" and I then created an auto-responder to reply that it was indeed an unmanned email (should people reply to it, in order to discourage use of said email), then created a forward to a manned email to ensure that no communications slipped through the cracks. Ta - da!

    Thank you for your prompt reply and Happy New Year!!


    P.S. I would add that at first I was concerned that having altered the content verbiage (which required directly editing the plugin), I had inadvertently broken the plugin, so a possible future update maybe could have removed all publicly displayed verbiage from being hard coded and could be placed in the database where it could be easily accessed from the admin GUI and also so it's not over written with updates. Cheers! =)

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