Why my Multi-Domains main site is resolving to domain_current_site

I've just installed Multi-Domains & Domain Mapping plugins, now my main site URL is resolving to domain_current_site. All others URL of this main domain still work and I am also able to access the admin control panel.

I am running WordPress 3.6
I installed the version of sunrise.php that supports Multi-Domains (without dm).
I created also an A Record on *.puntomov.com pointing to my IP at Godaddy shared hosting but this primary domain still reroutes to domain_current_site. So, I deleted this A Record.

1- Any ideas of where I should look to get the primary domain pointing to the site again? It's only a shared-hosting issue?

Besides this issue, I tried adding two domains through Sites menu and also I pointed these domains to my IP at Godaddy shared hosting. I created an A record for *.capacitar.tv and *.universitaria.tv but these secondary sites still show a "pageok" blank page.

2- At what folder the secondary domains must be directed on Godaddy panel? What archives must be in this folders?

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long questions. I read a lot of entries on the web and I have various support-tickets with Godaddy :slight_frown: