Why nor depreciate 'Subscribe by email' plugin?

I am using email plugins 'Subscribe by email' and 'e-Newsletter'. After using these two different plugins I have arrived at a conclusion that this universe does not need these two plugins to co-exist. In order to empower user WPMU Dev shall depreciate 'Subscribe by email' plugin by merging it with 'e-Newsletter'. This will create one single plugin which will be able to manage both subscription list and email newsletter solution.

While using these two different plugins:
- Users must subscribe to these two plugins DB individually or admin need to add users from one plugin to another
- Subscribe by email does not provide ability to send emails via Amazon SES (SMTP Settings) while 'e-Newsletter' do allow that
- Subscription widget and short codes looks better evolved in 'e-Newsletter' plugin
- By adding functionality of sending emails once the post is published WPMU Dev can provide a single and more powerful plugin
- This will benefit all users

Please integrate 'Subscibe by email' in to 'e-Newsletter'