Why oh why is it always so frustrating?

"Just drop in this plugin, activate it, set up your Directory and presto -- you're ready to create listings."
That's what it says - but oh no it's not actually allowed to be that simple.

I have a multisite install and want to run a couple of directories on sub-sites, each with different taxonomies and content types.

If I want to use the default directory theme - correct me if I'm wrong - I need to copy it so that each site uses a different version and then go through it working out where to change things in various files (eg theme-functions.php needs to pick up the corrrect post type etc) and that's before I have a go at pasting in the embed codes created into single.php or wherever else they need to go.

If I want to use the directory plugin with another theme then it gets even more complicated.

So it seems "Just drop in this plugin, activate it, set up your Directory and presto -- you're ready to create listings." doesn't apply in my case. And, I suspect, most other people have a prettty unique "my case", so there must be a lot of customising going on.

Having spent most of my Sunday on this and not getting where I want, I'm frustrated. It's not that I can't work it out, or don't want to (and I will - I usually don't stop until I've cracked it). It's just that I didn't know I had to and therefore didn't expect to spend the time I would rather have spent on content.

I feel WMPUdev could be clearer about that fact that you need to already be a wp developer or want to become one to get the most out of their offerings. Or maybe I'm missing something.

Anyway, that's me letting off a bit of steam - and I wonder if anyone else ever feels the same way.

  • Philip John


    Sorry Directory isn't working to your requirements.

    Obviously, once activated on a site it provides a good-looking, functional Directory specifically so you don't have to be a developer in order to create such a directory.

    It sounds like you want to edit the themes, which of course will require some development - there's not a lot we can do there as it's simply impossible to cater for everyone's taste. Instead we put a lot of work into making sure that directory can be integrated into existing or custom themes.

    Furthermore, providing individual themes to each sub-site is also a very specific request and something that again we simply can't easily cater for. Again though, we make sure that you can provide individual themes.

    As always, if you can provide specifics about the set up you want to achieve we'd be happy to help where we can in achieving that.


  • esavvides

    Yes, I feel exactly the same way! And guess which plugin is driving me crazy? Directory! My complaints match yours to a T.

    You'd think they'd write some add'l content to explain the difference between using their theme and shortcodes, but there's just some vague text about what shortcodes do. Have been trying for 3 days to get this thing to work but they've completely disappeared as far as help goes.

    I know this is an old thread but I wanted them to see this. Don't promise "just activate the plugin, configure the settings and you're good to go!"

    Very frustrating. I hate wasting time like this.

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