Why some key word auto link to http://www.surfcanyon.com

Hi all, How do I stop the auto link to http://www.surfcanyon.com site for some key words.
This site has an auto link to surfcanyon.com also. If you go to https://premium.wpmudev.org/about/, in Richard Kiew description, you see vedio games key word link to surfcanyon.com site. Also in Barry Getty description, it has twitter key word link to surfcanyon.com. Any ideas or suggestions I appreciated.

  • ymousley
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    I just went to the page on here that you linked to and didn't see anything. Have you checked to make sure you don't have some kind of PPV on your computer?

    Normally those things work through JavaScript. Try turning JavaScript off in your browser, reload the page and see if you get the same result

  • ymousley
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    It's definitely something on your browser. Do you know if an add-on you've downloaded also installed surf canyon? I'm on Chrome as well and I don't see any links like that on either Chrome (no add-ons), Firefox or Safari (IE's too slow for me to bother with, but I think it would be the same there).

    Try disabling any add-ons you have for Chrome, then come back to some pages and you'll probably notice the links go away.

    If you want me to check out your site, add a link, but I'd suspect it's the same thing where the auto-links don't show up for me.

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