Why to determine a DEFAULT MEMBERSHIP level… when further use not possible?


please let me know why to determine a DEFAULT membership level when on one hand any payment settings/ modification is not possible and on the other hand… when there is obviously no further use of this as all needed membership levels has to be created separately?

Thank you in advance.


  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey again Prinz,

    The default membership level is for registered users that don’t have a membership at all. So, maybe you allow users to register without choosing a membership, they would only be able to see what hasn’t been restricted by a membership already.

    However, maybe you want them to see something that has already been restricted? Even though they don’t currently have a membership – so instead you use the default membership and allow them to see certain things without having to sign up for a membership.

    Hopefully that makes sense, I might have just made that more confusing :smiley:

    If you need any further clarification just let us know!

    All the best,


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