Why won't my pages update when I click update?

Hi there,

All of a sudden my pages won't update when I try to click update. I can edit the page and I can also click the button that says update and for a second it does look like it is updating the page, but it is just reverting the previous page (the one before I edited) so nothing happens.

Please help me out here.


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Allan,

    Does this only occur on a certain site in your network, or does it occur on all of them?

    I was able to change the status of one of your pages from Draft to Published, and then back to Draft again.

    I also tried creating a test page of my own, and I was able to make edits and publish those updates without issue.

    Have you tried deactivating any enabled browser add-ons, and seeing if that makes a difference? Or perhaps a different browser?

    Please advise,

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