Why would CSS code throw a 500 server error?

Preface: I do not have my appts. page published yet!

Must say this is the strangest thing I've ever encountered with a plugin when I add to .css

I added this:

input[type="text"], input.input-text, textarea, input.txt, input[type="tel"], input[type="email"] {
    padding: 8px;

Which caused my entire site to go down with a 500 Server Error page. I deactivated Appt+ and all was well. I reactivated plugin and again threw the error.

I removed the above code from CSS, clicked save and all was good. Any ideas why I cannot use this code? It looks right to me, but I could use a bit more coffee :wink: Thanks!

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Charly

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    That's a weird one. I just popped your CSS into one of my test sites as-is, and it works just fine, as expected.

    However, before investigating this any further, I would strongly recommend that you update your WordPress install to the latest stable version (4.0). The version you are running (3.8.4) is very outdated and presents quite a security risk for your site.

  • Charly

    Hi Patrick,

    I do hear what your saying, but... As you noticed I'm a photographer and with 4.0 they stripped out most of what I could do with images on a page when I click on them. Thus needing 2-3 extra plugins to do what WP 3.8.4 can do.

    I wish WP would put out only security updates w/o changing what I find valuable in a version. Going backwards just doesn't seem a good idea and I hate that WP would prefer to force a version on me that I don't like. Yet... In light of understanding the risks associated with an older version, I got Site Lock to protect against; hackers, malware, spamware and the like. :slight_smile:

    Tomorrow I will try the code again and see if it was just a glitch. I just remembered my host did a maintenance to my server last night. I will post the outcome either way.

    While I'm thinking about it:

    1. What would I add to app services to not show the show available times button? The one next to services, as I would prefer clicking on date to show them.


    2. How would I go about not having the appt times grid show all the time and make it appear in a different place on the page when date is clicked on? i.e. below calendar


  • Charly

    Well I found out why I'm receiving the 500 Server Error page. Not sure why this is happening though.... " "

    Code I input with " ":

    .appointments-list table td.busy:after, .appointments-list table td.notpossible:after {
        content: "X";

    After save settings is clicked on:

    .appointments-list table td.busy:after, .appointments-list table td.notpossible:after {
        content: \"X\";

    Notice the backslashes ( \ ) that appear and causing the error. Any idea why Appts+ Additional CSS Rules would do this?


  • Charly

    I fixed this issue by putting any CSS that comes up with quotation marks in Appt+ CSS Rules, into my themes custom.css

    It works just fine there, though still curious if this is a bug or something else

    In case anyone is wondering, I either type in the css myself or copy/paste from FireBug. Have never had any issue before with doing this. Well unless I forgot to type something in and the css not take effect :wink:

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