Why wpmudev doesn't have blog thems

I am looking for high speed and fully optimized blog theme for my blog website. Why wpmudev not developing blog themes?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello worldshineinfotech,

    I hope you're having a nice day!

    Before I respond to your question, I'd like to explain how our forums work. I hope you don't mind that :slight_smile:

    I can see that this is your second question that you posted in "Members" section on the forum. There are two forums: "Members" and "Support". "Members" forum is for community discussions and was created for the members of WPMU DEV community for free conversations on any subject. This is however not a place where you would ask questions for which you expect answers from WPMU DEV staff :slight_smile:

    Yes, we do check the "Members" forum and sometimes - like I did in case of your previous post about Hummingbird's Minification issue - we do replay and we do move the post to the correct section of the "Support" forum. Please note though that when you ask for any kind of assistance from official WPMU DEV staff via "Members" forum, you may not always get it. While on "Support" forum, you will :slight_smile:

    I hope that makes sense. I just wanted to let you know about because your question on Hummingbird was initially posted in "Members" forum (I moved it to "Support") and this one (which I'm moving as well) is a direct question to WPMU DEV staff :slight_smile:

    Getting back to the question then :slight_smile:

    We decided to go with a single theme only, which is Upfront and develop it with all the focus and dedication that we can, instead of going for tens or hundreds of different themes. Therefore there's an Upfront theme and its child themes (Upfront requires one of its child-themes, called "starter themes", to be installed along).

    These themes are highly customizable via a visual "drag&drop" editor. They should work nicely in a typical "blog scenario" even despite the fact that it looks like they were not "blog themes". The homepage can be fully customized or even switched off and you have much control over the theme design ("look&feel").


    There's also an "Upfront Builder" plugin that looks and works in a pretty similar way to the Upfront editor but it lets you build your own Upfront child-theme from scratch. Therefore, you may use it to create any theme you wish, making it suit all your design goals. Take a look here please:


    Best regards,

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