• Timothy
      • Chief Pigeon

      It is responsive and fits well on my iPhone X, I checked on an iPhone 7 too. I think the issue here is more the font size needing to be larger. For me, it wasn’t personally an issue as I deliberately use smaller fonts on both my computer and my phone so it felt natural for me. Often I do rotate, even in my news app as I prefer it.

      I’ve asked our Joshua to look into this and address. :slight_smile:

  • Randy
    • Recruit

    This video is why emails fail because of sending legacy desktop email to mobile phones. Legacy systems send emails from old email templates that require users to “pinch and scissor”. When they don’t understand is that mobile users HAVE to “pinch and scissor”. In other words, unless they happen to have a laptop in their hip pocket, they have to wait until they find a laptop. They make it EASY for them to send, but DIFFICULT for users to read. This lowers the open rate for their emails. Email marketers want people to actually open their emails and read them. But they don’t seem willing to make the effort to change their system. Let’s turn this around. What is you sent something about computing, but it was incompatible with Microsoft? Would that be worth doing? These legacy companies apparently have bought into the email templates and don’t feel they need to upgrade. The iPhone was introduced in 2007. It’s now 2018. Just the iPhone is 11 years old. Another way to put this into perspective, the mobile commerce from just the iPhone is more than Facebook and Amazon combined. Then there are Android phones. You get the picture. Mobile is big business. But business doesn’t seem willing to actually market to mobile. Maybe that’s because they sit in front of their desktop machines all day. Maybe they don’t take a break. Maybe they don’t really read the emails they send out?

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    This is now tasked up, we already planned to redesign the email templates. This is to follow on from our next *top secret* project that we’re internally testing at the moment and then Hub 2.0.

    I agree that emails should good to read on all devices and they should be accessible otherwise they’re not as effective as they could be.


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