Widget and category pages do not show all sites within category

The site category widget and the site category page only show about half of the sites associated with the chosen category. I have set the "Number of Sites to show" and "sites per page" options to "all" or a high number. In the widget backend it says the number 27 between brackets after the category name in the "Site Category" dropdown. But in the "Network Admin/Sites" overview I count 55 sites in that category. I tried to open the site category setting page of one missing blog and it shows the right category. I saved again (without changing any setting) and then it appeared in the widget and site category page. So it seems I found a workaround, but this costs me double the work and I can never be sure all blogs really show up in the site category widget and site category page. I have also not tested the workaround works for every missing site.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi robert,

    Hope you're well?

    I've just been playing around with this and it seems i'm also having issues.

    I looked at your site & created a test site called wpmudev, and for some reason, the default category isn't being selected when creating sites via network admin, I also experience this on my own site.

    I've reported this to the developer, so hopefully we can get this fixed quickly.

    Hope this helps & thanks for the report.

  • FASoS
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for looking into this. There are several weird things going on. I had to fix the original problem mentioned above with the also mentioned workaround because it is a production environment, so you might not have encountered that one. The problems that seem to arise:

    1. About 50% of existing blogs associated with a site category by choosing the right category in the site category settings pages of the blogs, don't show up in the widget and site category pages. A workaround seems to be opening the site category settings page again for each blog and hit save again (without changing anything).

    2. I have noticed differences between the amount of blogs that show up in the site category widget and that show up on the site category page for the same category (the difference is not caused by paging)

    3. You noticed that the default category is not selected when creating new sites.

  • Jose
    • Bruno Diaz

    Hi there @Robert,

    Hope you are doing great today and thanks for the patience on this issue..

    I was looking into this and I found that there are indeed some weird behaviours with the indexation.

    I applied some patches that should take care of the errors.
    It worth nothing to mention that the sites where the option "Discourage search engines from indexing this site" is enabled won't be take into account for the site category list/count.
    And the main problem with this is that the category wasn't updating when the visibility changed. So you needed to set the blog visibility to public and then re-save the category.
    All this should be automated now.

    Please install the attached version and let me know if you find any remaining glitch.

    Thanks in advance,

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